GarlicOS 2

GarlicOs is the first Custom Firmware developed by Black Seraph as an alternative to the official console firmware which lacks many tuning and customization options as well as few emulators.
Now with version 2.0 it is compatible with many more devices, of course the RG35XX+ and RG35XX H are included!
After the arrival of this Custom Firmware, with a graphic environment very similar to the OnionOs Custom Firmware for the Miyoo Mini, another console with similar characteristics although from another brand and somewhat smaller in size; Thanks to the use of RetroArch, and the easy implementation of themes to be able to customize it, the system manages to emulate many more retro systems, adds options such as RTC (Real Time Clock), overclocking and other interesting functions such as the “sleep” function, which It allows you to turn off the console and be able to resume the game a after when turn it on again.

*It is currently in the Alpha phase, but it will not take long to get out of that state and we will be able to use it as before on the RG35XX, and waiting for the developers and fans of the console to dedicate themselves to making Applications and Modifications to provide it with more functions, since this Firmware is not Open Source and cannot be modified by third parties.

You can check more information and download the latest version of GarlicOs from its official website


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