Stock Mod V1.6

     cbepx-me has already updated its modified version of the Anbernic stock system, one day after its launch, and as always with some new features apart from those already brought by the update itself. These improvements are:

-Add default L2 key as activation shortcut for continuous sending
-Add “Show Info” function to view system version and other information
-Add “Move APPS” feature
-Modify the “Random” function to support all games, collections, history and individual simulators
-Modify the “Random-bootlogo” to automatically restore the default startup logo when it is closed
-Modify the installation program and streamline the installation package volume
-Modify, complete, and merge partial masks
-Modify the sound effects of the default theme
-Fix mask display issue during HDMI output
-Other minor adjustments

Download as always from his Shared Google Drive >HERE<

RG28XX, KNULLI and More news

     In recent days we have learned about the new Anbernic console from the XX family, specifically the RG28XX about which we still do not know much about its characteristics, but as can be seen in its demonstration videos, it has the same chip as its sisters, the H700 and uses the same operating system as them, the so-called StockOs or Stock Firmware, and although the screen appears to be 2.8 inches instead of the 3.5 inches of current consoles, everything indicates that all content and firmware will work. that we have on the page. We are already waiting for ours to arrive… (Video at the end of the entry)

Acmeplus, the developer in charge of the Custom Firmware based on Batocera that has been brought to our consoles, has changed the name of the project, to differentiate it from Batocera directly, as it is a Fork, in which there are and will be some changes that differentiate it, and KNULLI has called it, of which we will continue to pay close attention to its news, and of which it already has its page in development, although still incomplete, but which you can now visit at

We have also added 2 themes to download in our Themes for Batocera section that we left out: Alekfull-NX and Animatics-DX





RG28XX in Action:

New Emulators Added!

     With the recent update of the consoles a few days ago, we have a new option, the App Center, where we have a music player, an e-book reader, a file explorer and an Expert Mode.
Well, the developer of the latest Stock Firmware Mods, cbepx-me, has added 16 new emulators, which we can access from the Expert menu that we mentioned above.
It is necessary that you add the Roms to be able to use them obviously, and above all to be on the latest version of the Stock firmware, 20240401 for the Plus or New 2024 or 20240330 for the H.
The new emulators included are:
– Amiga
– Amstrad cpc
– Intellivision
– PC98
– Satellaview
– SG1000
– Sufami
– SupergraFX
– TG16
– TG16 CD
– Vectrex
– X68000
– XZ81
-XZ Spectrum

You can download them from >HERE<

How to play 32X on the Stock Firmware

     For a long time we have been trying to make 32X work on the console, since Anbernic forgot to add it… We had already been able to make them work from Reatroarch, creating a playlist, but it was somewhat cumbersome to get to them to be able to play them . I tried to create Scripts to launch them from APPS or PORTS, but my knowledge was either not enough or it couldn’t be done that easily.
Until our collaborator Gabi_90, has a “vision”, tests it and manages to make it work with a little trick, which we will reveal to you below:

– To be able to play 32X games, you must change the extension of your 32x roms and put them in .smd instead of .32x. (You can do this manually without using any program)
– Create a folder called 32X inside your Megadrive roms folder, and put all the roms whose extension you have changed there. (to have them better organized)
– When you are going to play a 32x game, you must enter the Megadrive icon, and when you go to select the game, you will do so from the 32x folder, and once in the list, with the Y button you can change the core that you want to use, selecting the picodrive one.
– Your 32X game will run and you will be able to play and enjoy it.

Gabi_90 has added the already modified roms to her Romset in Archive, in case you want to use them. To download them >HERE<

New RG35XX Plus Update

     A new update for the RG35XX Plus has been released from Anbernic, which you can download from our Firmware section, dated 01-18-2024 (20240118), and which apparently includes the improvements, changes and fixes of the latest version of the firmware of the RG35XX H.

Here is a list of the changes:

New Features:

1. Added support for sub folders of GBA/GBC/GB/GG/SMS/MD/PCE/FC/SFC/NGP/WSC emulators

2. Add Atari7800 (A7800), Atari5200 (A5200), Atari800 (A800), Atari Lynx (LYNX) emulators

3. When adding search games, RA games can switch core functions with the Y button


1. Modify the text for the LED light setting function during sleep mode

2. When modifying the external handle, RA menu control settings are set

3. Modify the game loading progress image

4. Modify the NDS emulator save to the “save_nds” folder in the root directory of the TF where the game is located

Bug Fixes:

1. Fix RA crash issue when setting up independent thread video function for RA

2. Fix the issue of browsing game files in the PSX independent emulator’s disk swapping function

3. Fix other known issues

New Update

Anbernic has released the latest update on it’s site. You can download it on our Firmwares section.
This is the Cahnagelog:

System usage precautions:
1.35xxp-64GB is a complete image of the system and game used by 64GB TF1, and cannot be expanded.
2.35xxp-16GB, is a pure system without games and is only available for use with a 16GB TF1. It cannot be expanded.
3.64GB ROM is used by TF2 and needs to be matched with the 16GB system image of TF1.
Tip: 2 and 3 are equivalent to splitting the image of 1 into TF1 and TF2 for use.

35xx plus 20231221 OS Changelog:

New Features:
-Set the LED light status on/off during sleep.
-DC, ATOMISWAVE, and NAOMI simulators can switch the cross key simulation joystick function through the power button.

-Add a PCECD folder for the PCE CD simulator, no longer sharing the PCE folder.
-WiFi password character limit changed to 40 characters.
-Revised arcade icon text to be abbreviated as H.Brew.

Bug Fixes:
-Spanish translation error issue.
-Other known issues.


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