Firmware Upgrades for al the RGXX

    Anbernic has updated the Firmware of all its consoles with the Allwinner H700 chip, specifically the RG35XX Plus, RG35XX H and RG35XX 2024, providing them with new emulators, correcting small errors and moving the Apps folder to its new section that we already saw in previous versions of Firmware.
Curiously, it is not yet available on its firmware download page at the time of writing this news, although they were published in the YouTube video that we saw yesterday, and that we already have available in our stock firmware section. (Only versions with ROMS for 64GB cards at the moment)

A few hours after the launch, cbepx-me already offered us its modified version, with improvements as always on this stock firmware, providing it with even more functionalities, and which you also have available in our stock firmware section, and which we recommend you use before the official version. If you already had the previous MOD installed or have already installed a recent version of the stock firmware, you can simply upgrade without having to overwrite the entire card again, a feature that makes it worth using this mod version.



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