Custom Drastic SDL for MuOs

trngaje has ported the Miyoomini version for the RG35XX (Plus, H, SP, 2024) which is already available in Batocera, and which we can now also use in MuOs
This emulator is currently the one that works best on our consoles, being able to run games that in other emulators were jerky or had glitches and errors.
You will only have to have MuOs installed in its latest version, (Beans), download the file found in the port’s Github and follow the instructions offered there, which are just unzip the files in the indicated folder and execute a file .sh
Later in MuOs you will only have to assign that emulator to Nintendo DS and you can use it whenever you are going to play DS.
A marvel, which I recommend you install if you use CFW MuOs and you like to play DS.

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