RG28XX, KNULLI and More news

     In recent days we have learned about the new Anbernic console from the XX family, specifically the RG28XX about which we still do not know much about its characteristics, but as can be seen in its demonstration videos, it has the same chip as its sisters, the H700 and uses the same operating system as them, the so-called StockOs or Stock Firmware, and although the screen appears to be 2.8 inches instead of the 3.5 inches of current consoles, everything indicates that all content and firmware will work. that we have on the page. We are already waiting for ours to arrive… (Video at the end of the entry)

Acmeplus, the developer in charge of the Custom Firmware based on Batocera that has been brought to our consoles, has changed the name of the project, to differentiate it from Batocera directly, as it is a Fork, in which there are and will be some changes that differentiate it, and KNULLI has called it, of which we will continue to pay close attention to its news, and of which it already has its page in development, although still incomplete, but which you can now visit at knulli.org

We have also added 2 themes to download in our Themes for Batocera section that we left out: Alekfull-NX and Animatics-DX





RG28XX in Action:

Linux Desktop for RG35XX Plus & H

     A few days ago a news article appeared that talked about a Linux distribution running on the console, capable of performing many tasks, including playing video, browsing the Internet, watching YouTube videos, etc… And although at first I thought, that there was no need for it, and that it was more of a curiosity, speaking with a friend, he told me: “Hey, that’s good, and if you connect a keyboard and a mouse then you have a pocket laptop with Linux to take with you around Not there? And with HDMI output!” And of course, from that moment on I totally changed my way of seeing it and I agreed with him, although logically for very light tasks, but yes, it can be a pocket computer. (Although the mouse, keyboard and necessary cables already take up more than the machine itself…) The person in charge of development is called MrJackSpade and you can see his project on GitHub here

A working demo on YouTube:



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