MuOs V11 Available, Knulli for RG28XX Available, RG35XXSP Features and more…

     The Custom Firmware created by Adixal finally gets bigger, and supports themes, making for a visually pleasing interface and reaching a much larger audience than its previous versions which were all text based on RetroArch. In addition to this, which I consider the most important thing about this update, it has many other things such as the fact that the operating system already runs at 64 bits and many other things, which it is better that you read from its page. (It only needs to be able to be used in other languages and not only in English).

     Knulli, the Custom Firmware based on Batocera created by Acmeplus, has also been released, although publicly only for the RG28XX at the moment, although for the RG35XX you can also get it by helping or contributing to the developer. It is available from their page.

     We already know the characteristics of the New RG35XXSP, and we can be happy, because instead of being the same as the new RG35XX of 2024, they are exactly the same as the Plus version, so we will have Wifi and Bluetooth!!

     And we have also added a new theme to our Stock Themes section, Synthwave, and we are updating some themes that were left in previous versions and people are demanding, coming soon…

(FlatAura’s Themes from _axle_ updated)

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