RG35XX SP, New Themes, RG28XX Customization, MuOs, GarlicOs and more info…

     After the leaks of the last few days, Anbernic has finally made the official announcement from its YouTube channel, in a few days or hours the new clamshell-shaped version of the RG35XX console will be available, this time with the SP suffix, alluding to the Nintendo console it resembles, the GameBoy Advance SP.
You can see the 4 colors available at launch in the image above.
Although not all the characteristics are yet known, from what we can see in the video they are exactly the same in terms of hardware as the PLUS version. Here we leave you the video that they published a few hours ago:

     We have added 2 new themes for the Stock firmware, which you already have available from the Stock Themes section and we will soon add some more that we are testing and finishing editing.

     Also, if you have an RG28XX, we are already preparing the Boot Logos and Themes to be compatible, they require a small modification and will be in a separate section so as not to mix them with the rest of RG35XX, but we already have the sections available in the Menu, Soon all the contents will be there so you can use them!!

     The news and work accumulate and there is little time, but I do not forget to inform you; The latest version of the MuOs Operating system, created by Adixal, V11 is now available in alpha version and promises to be a great update, with new themes, improving the visual aspect and also works now under 64-bit architecture which promises to be a great He improves, as does Knulli.

     And about GarlicOs 2, the latest news is that after 5 months without news from Black Seraph, he has commented on Networks that he has finished the project in which he was immersed and that he is getting back to work on GarlicOs 2, and has started supporting the new RG28XX and promises new updates soon…

 We also want to inform you that we have deactivated the modified and preconfigured version of the cbepx-me stock mod firmware by Gabi_90 for the moment since it has been a little unstable and until we have it perfect we will not publish it. We apologize to those of you who downloaded it and had problems.

We continue working for our RG35XX, RG35XX Plus, RG35XX H, RG35XX 2024, RG28XX and very soon also for RG35XXSP 😉


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