Knulli public released, Stock Mod Updated

     Finally, acmeplus has published a version for all RG35XX, weeks after doing so for the RG28XX.
This custom firmware, which is a fork of Batocera and was renamed Knulli so as not to confuse users and give it another approach, was already working in an alpha version for subscribers and collaborators of the project, but it has already been officially released to everyone publicly. to prove it. It still needs to improve in many aspects (like all custom firmwares that exist) but little by little the features will improve and make us enjoy our consoles more. We have updated the links so that you can download them and it is worth noting that the following updates will be released first for subscribers and collaborators who contribute their grain of sand to the Knulli project. You can collaborate or subscribe to their Ko-Fi.

In addition, cbepx-me has updated its Stock Mod to version 2.3, which includes corrections to some errors, and some new features such as the Theme Selector. This new function is going to give us work, but it will be worth having the themes organized. We will soon update the topics page with the news… You can download this new update as always in the Firmware section.

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