About Portmaster Ports

     Unfortunately, we have stopped making public the Portmaster Ports that we had on the website, to avoid foolishness. Yes, as you read it, foolishness…
We don’t quite understand many things, and since we don’t want people to point the finger at us and call us Pirates, when we are not, in fact the games we shared had already been pirated and downloaded freely from the Internet, we are not hackers or crackers. or anything like that. We have only followed the instructions provided by Portmaster: You need these files of the complete game and you copy them to this folder… And that is what we were providing for those people who need help with all this because it is great for them to simply copy some files to the card or reinstall the firmware…

We have read complaints and accusations, (although in no case directed at this page), but from Portmaster they have made a statement as a warning as to wash their hands and that they do not share these practices, that the games must be purchased legally and blablabla .
We find it very shocking that we are talking about Retro Emulation consoles of old systems, which use Roms, and Bios of those systems, which are of very dubious legality, but if you are reading this it means that you have one and you use it with games that came to you already on the console itself or that you have downloaded from the internet. Because although it is always said that “You can only play the Roms that you own the original game” we all know that NO ONE DOES THAT.
And it turns out that using a tool like Portmaster to be able to run PC Ports or other systems, which in most cases are offered as “Ready to play” where there are almost 500 games available, is legal, but sharing the games you have is not. They need “certain files”, and then controversy and bad vibes are generated…
Since we don’t want foolishness as we said at the beginning, we will continue sharing content and news as we have usually done, but we will cancel the Ports section for Portmaster. You can always search for the files as we have done through Archive.org or other pages that are dedicated to this, such as the Roms pages, etc.

We regret having to make this decision, but we believe it is best for the page. Greetings from the RG35XX.COM, PLUS.RG35XX.COM and RG28XX.COM team

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