Stock Mod V1.6

     cbepx-me has already updated its modified version of the Anbernic stock system, one day after its launch, and as always with some new features apart from those already brought by the update itself. These improvements are:

-Add default L2 key as activation shortcut for continuous sending
-Add “Show Info” function to view system version and other information
-Add “Move APPS” feature
-Modify the “Random” function to support all games, collections, history and individual simulators
-Modify the “Random-bootlogo” to automatically restore the default startup logo when it is closed
-Modify the installation program and streamline the installation package volume
-Modify, complete, and merge partial masks
-Modify the sound effects of the default theme
-Fix mask display issue during HDMI output
-Other minor adjustments

Download as always from his Shared Google Drive >HERE<


  1. I’ve just installed this since I was on a very old stock OS version. However, with this new firmware I seem to have lost access to the APPS folder and all the automatic shaders do appear in games. The folder is still there on my tf2.

  2. Man, I really wish there was a way to spawn a native terminal within rg35xx+ on any CFW.
    SSH is getting old, I’d rather BT keyboard locally!

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