New Firmware Updates

     In these last days of March and first of April, Anbernic has brought us new updates to the Stock Firmware that works better and better and with more options…
These Updates are compatible with the 3 versions of RG35XX that use the H700 Chip, that is, The Plus, the H and the New 2024.
They have finally listened to us, or read, what we have asked of them publicly and privately: 32X Emulator, Scummvm Emulator, and a Music player! (In the absence of the video player, which we hope we can see in a next update), and they have also provided us with a way so that the most experts can try to install new emulators or applications.
The only drawback we can make right now is that we need to update our custom themes as there are new icons and images in the Firmware, but we will update them little by little…

And as if it were a worker from Anbernic itself, the same day the new firmwares come out, cbepx-me updates its modified versions adding new functionalities and compatibilities. Their versions of Stock MOD 1.5 for Plus, H and 2024 are now available to update or install from scratch!

All of these updates are now available from our Stock Firmware section.

More customizations…

     We have been working on new customizations for the Stock Firmware, and we have used material that we already had for our Original RG35XX, adapting them to this new system.
You now have Battery Charging Themes available from its corresponding section.
Here are some samples:
Additionally _axle_ has sent us a new theme in 3 versions, and we have modified our Back To The Future theme to make it compatible with this Stock Firmware. Now available from our Stock Themes section

Modified and Preconfigured Stock Firmware

     Our collaborator, Gabi_90, has invested time in creating a preconfigured version of the latest version of Stock Firmware Modified by cbpex-me adding various configurations in Retroarch such as Retroarchivements, Overlays, Shaders, Bezels… Modified, unnamed .csv file. or wrong, updated PS1 core, quick shutdown and personalized with our custom theme. You will only have to add your Roms, or you can download from our Roms section, the ones you need!

You can download this Firmware for a 16GB (Expandable) card from here:




     Given the lack of news about the Custom Firmware GarlicOs 2.0 for our Plus and H, (More than 3 months without news from Black Seraph), and the nostalgia of GarlicOs 1, taking advantage of the fact that the stock firmware is a little customizable, I have created to all the nostalgic, a theme based on GarlicOs, and that for the moment I am going to leave installed on my console.
You can download it from our Themes for StockOS section.

2 New Themes and Updates

     Today we bring you 2 new themes for the Stock firmware, but first, a couple of updates:
The Miyoo-Anbernic Theme has been updated, as some images were displayed upside down leading to confusion and sometimes the background was not displayed correctly. If you already downloaded and installed it, please download and install it again.
The Cave Story Port in Spanish had an error. If you already installed it and it worked for you, don’t do anything, but if you couldn’t put it in Spanish, download it again and it will work for you now!

And you can download the 2 new themes from our Themes for StockOs section:

Ports & Themes

     Recently we have been doing some tests, and we have managed to get Doom working, and several versions of it to be able to use it from Stock through RetroArch. We have also added the Spanish version of Cave Story, which you can now download from the Ports section for StockOs.

We have also created our own Theme Thanks to the Tool/Script that cbpex-me created and by modifying the default theme we have achieved it. We have created a section called StockOs Themes where we will upload all the themes that we create and find available.

New Firmware Update & New Custom MOD

     Yesterday a new update for the RG35XX H appeared, with some new features, although really few. The curious thing is that this update has not been released at the time of writing this for the Plus version, although it will not take long I imagine, and we will update our links and now also available for the PLUS in the Firmwares section.

The new features included are:
1. When there is no game on tf1, the emulator list is displayed directly without prompting for card selection.
2. GBC adds 2 new simulators.
3. Update the information file to solve the arcade instant file problem.
4. Fix known bugs.

And also the new update of the Modified Stock Firmware by cbepx-me has not been long in coming and includes many improvements and much more stable than the MOD3 version that we already knew. It allows you to update from any previous version of firmware, only by copying some files to the APPS folder, in case you do not want to reinstall the entire system, although it does not include roms, and it is recommended to make a backup first. It is currently the one I have installed on my PLUS, although it is also compatible with H, so I recommend it, since it is the most updated and also improved version!
For more information and download, visit their github >HERE<

Rom images from the stock card

     If you use the stock operating system that comes with the console, or you have downloaded a firmware update with the roms, you will have been able to see that the images associated with these roms are tiny and do not look good at all. It is for this reason that we have spent a few hours resizing them to their size so that they look much better. Here we leave you the download of these images so that you can replace them. They are based on the Firmware of 01-30-24. If you have added your roms or use any other romset they will not work for you, but for anyone who uses the ones that came standard, here they are:



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