Compact No ROMs Modified Stock Firmware for RG35XX Plus

     Today Reddit user TomDuhamel has made things much easier for us by publishing the last 2 updates of the Anbernic stock firmware, without roms and compacted, making it easy to download and being able to use practically any SD card, not necessarily a 64GB one…
RG35XX Plus Stock Firmware – Compact and No ROMs – Dual SD card

These are modified versions of RG35XX Plus stock firmware images, for your convenience. I hope they are as useful for you as they are for me 🙂


All partitions have been shrinked to the smallest possible size, such that the total uncompressed image size is just under 5 GB. You can use any size microSD card.


The image contains a tiny, unusable ROM partition. Instead, this system is to be used with dual SD cards, in which the system is installed on the first card (TF1/INT) and all of your ROMs are installed on the second card (TF2/EXT). The system will only read your ROMs from the second card slot (TF2/EXT), and as such no menu will appear to ask which card to use.

You ROMs card must be of a valid format (FAT32 and exFAT are currently supported). The system will not attempt to format or fix the card if not valid — in this case it will simply show no ROMs at all. However, the full empty directory structure should be copied as usual if a valid blank card is inserted. This is not a dual boot system — any OS on the second card will be ignored.


You can download one of 2023-12-08 or 2023-12-12 firmware releases. The latest is the newest, and if you don’t have a reason not to, you should pick that one. However, a number of people have noticed some issues with that one, and therefore the previous version is also made available for your convenience. You really shouldn’t run any prior version, as the version that shipped with the Plus was missing a few systems and did not support the newer hardware features.

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