How to play 32X on the Stock Firmware

     For a long time we have been trying to make 32X work on the console, since Anbernic forgot to add it… We had already been able to make them work from Reatroarch, creating a playlist, but it was somewhat cumbersome to get to them to be able to play them . I tried to create Scripts to launch them from APPS or PORTS, but my knowledge was either not enough or it couldn’t be done that easily.
Until our collaborator Gabi_90, has a “vision”, tests it and manages to make it work with a little trick, which we will reveal to you below:

– To be able to play 32X games, you must change the extension of your 32x roms and put them in .smd instead of .32x. (You can do this manually without using any program)
– Create a folder called 32X inside your Megadrive roms folder, and put all the roms whose extension you have changed there. (to have them better organized)
– When you are going to play a 32x game, you must enter the Megadrive icon, and when you go to select the game, you will do so from the 32x folder, and once in the list, with the Y button you can change the core that you want to use, selecting the picodrive one.
– Your 32X game will run and you will be able to play and enjoy it.

Gabi_90 has added the already modified roms to her Romset in Archive, in case you want to use them. To download them >HERE<

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