New Update

Anbernic has released the latest update on it’s site. You can download it on our Firmwares section.
This is the Cahnagelog:

System usage precautions:
1.35xxp-64GB is a complete image of the system and game used by 64GB TF1, and cannot be expanded.
2.35xxp-16GB, is a pure system without games and is only available for use with a 16GB TF1. It cannot be expanded.
3.64GB ROM is used by TF2 and needs to be matched with the 16GB system image of TF1.
Tip: 2 and 3 are equivalent to splitting the image of 1 into TF1 and TF2 for use.

35xx plus 20231221 OS Changelog:

New Features:
-Set the LED light status on/off during sleep.
-DC, ATOMISWAVE, and NAOMI simulators can switch the cross key simulation joystick function through the power button.

-Add a PCECD folder for the PCE CD simulator, no longer sharing the PCE folder.
-WiFi password character limit changed to 40 characters.
-Revised arcade icon text to be abbreviated as H.Brew.

Bug Fixes:
-Spanish translation error issue.
-Other known issues.


  1. The second of the most recent Firmwares compressed files I posted on Google Driver is missing. Please check quickly and take action.

  2. Hi friend? Please confirm that there is no #2 of the firmware compressed files on the Google driver you posted. Thank you.

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