New Wallpapers for Stock Firmware

     We have recently discovered how to be able to change theme files directly from the console itself, and we have created some simple scripts to be able to use without having to install programs that allow access to the Linux partitions of the operating system card, since the vast majority of people use Windows on their computers.
It is only necessary to download the wallpaper you want, unzip the files and copy them to the partition where the ROMS are, which is accessible and copy the files there within the APPS folder.
Afterwards from the console we only have to select the wallpaper and the number 5 will be added to the stock menu to be able to select it. This will install the wallpapers for the console and for the HDMI output. And if later you want to install another one that you like more, if you have selected number 5, the new one will change automatically.
Other customizations will be added very soon using this method, but while we are creating them, you can now download more than 75 wallpapers to choose from from our new Wallpapers for Stock section.
Enjoy them! Here we show you some of the available ones…


  1. Using this method, as well as the tool of the user who created it, duplicates the number 0 of the wallpapers. In this case, by installing only one wallpaper to have it at number 5, we have two identical number 0s (which are the wallpaper number 0 of StockOs).. Isn’t there a way to avoid duplicating and therefore having duplicates of the number 0?

    1. I don’t know how to avoid it, but i have all the 77 wallpaper installed, and only use the number 5. When i change any, the change it’s automatic. I don’t care about the others from 0 to 4…
      But when i know how to fix it, i’ll update all.
      Thank’s for you comment

      1. Well, I know that for many it’s not a ”problem”, but for those who are like ”maniacs” about these things, like me xD these things are stressful xD
        I hope it can be fix it 🙂
        Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do for us! 😀

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