RG28XX Bootlogos, Portmaster Ports

     We finally had the afternoon free today to catch up with little RG28XX and we have finished the Bootlogos section for her. As those of you who have one already know, the screen is rotated and that is why the firmware is slightly different, as well as the themes and bootlogos, which must be designed rotated. We have modified some that indicated RG35XX so that it now says RG28XX. We hope you enjoy them, you can download them from the new Bootlogos 28XX section.

     Also, as we have recently been testing the latest version of the MuOs Custom Firmware, and to be honest, what caught our attention the most was Portmaster, with the great help of Gabi_90, we have opened a new section where we will be putting those Portmaster games that do not They are Download and Play, but they require some type of additional file, and we will leave them so that it is only Install, Download, Copy and Play 😉
And you already have a few available in our new Portmaster Ports section. We hope you enjoy them a lot!

We continue working for the RG35XX community, Greetings!


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