New Firmware Update & New Custom MOD

     Yesterday a new update for the RG35XX H appeared, with some new features, although really few. The curious thing is that this update has not been released at the time of writing this for the Plus version, although it will not take long I imagine, and we will update our links and now also available for the PLUS in the Firmwares section.

The new features included are:
1. When there is no game on tf1, the emulator list is displayed directly without prompting for card selection.
2. GBC adds 2 new simulators.
3. Update the information file to solve the arcade instant file problem.
4. Fix known bugs.

And also the new update of the Modified Stock Firmware by cbepx-me has not been long in coming and includes many improvements and much more stable than the MOD3 version that we already knew. It allows you to update from any previous version of firmware, only by copying some files to the APPS folder, in case you do not want to reinstall the entire system, although it does not include roms, and it is recommended to make a backup first. It is currently the one I have installed on my PLUS, although it is also compatible with H, so I recommend it, since it is the most updated and also improved version!
For more information and download, visit their github >HERE<

Modified Stock Firmware MOD3

     In this latest version of TomDuhamel, it brings us a modified version of the Stock Firmware with several additions, such as being able to update our roms from FTP, updating the time with the internet, and more functions that I detail below:

This is a brief overview of the new features in this release. The full description of these features is offered below.

  • Single or dual card setup — your choice
  • Over the air updates – What?!


This release includes a full fledge FTP server. You can add new games to you collection without the need to pull out the SD card off your console every single time.

Simply point your FTP client to your console’s IP address and you’re done. No need to install any software, as FTP is so common that even Windows Explorer handles it.


First, make sure you are currently connected to WiFi (obviously). From the WiFi Settings page on your console, you can also find the IP address that you need to use to connect to it. From a computer that is connected to the same network, in the address bar of Windows Explorer, enter the address as (substituting the actual address of your device and not including a trailing slash) and press enter. You should be prompted for a username and password, both are game (all lowercase). You should land directly in the root of your ROMs SD card, but should you get lost (did you put a trailing slash?), the correct path is /mnt/mmc/.


  • Depending on your router configuration, the IP may be the same permanently or change every time.
  • Public WiFi usually does not permit devices to see each other, for obvious security reasons — you will not be able to FTP into your device from such a network.
  • This uses plain FTP — not SFTP, which stands for Secure FTP. Because who really needs security when the password is a four letter word published on Reddit? Just don’t connect into untrusted WiFi networks.
  • It is possible to navigate the entire firmware from your FTP session. Obviously, do not change anything you are not familiar with — or actually yes, do it, but be ready to reflash your card. This can be useful if you want to change your theme, for example — a few users have posted methods and files over the last few months.

Clock Automatically Updated

You’ve probably set the date and time immediately upon turning on your console for the very first time, only to realise that it doesn’t stick when you turn it off. Mine gains a couple of hours overnight, but different people are reporting different experiences.

Good news! This release uses NTP (Network Time Protocol) to automatically adjust time with the internet. Needless to say, this only works when connected to WiFi and the internet.

The time on your device should update within a few seconds of connecting to WiFi, either manually or automatically after power on. However, you may find that the time at the top of the launcher does not update immediately ­— it should be correct when you come back to it after playing some game, and it also shows properly at the top of RetroArch.

Timezone information is obtained by geolocating your IP address. In other words, we are asking your internet provider what city you live in. This is the same method used by advertisers to find hot single women in your city. This will automatically update if you connect to WiFi at your hotel during a trip overseas.

Automagically Extended Games Partition

Because you’ve asked for more options, here it is.

If you are using a separate card for your games and this card is in TF2, it will be used as the games partition. This behaviour is as before. This card must be a valid SD card formatted with either exFat or FAT32. The system will not attempt to format this card, and if deemed invalid, will simpy be ignored.

If TF2 is empty, and no existing valid partition is found on TF1, this is when the magic operates. A new games partition will be created from the empty space on your card, after the system partitions. This only takes a few seconds and is barely noticeable during boot.

Note that this new partition will be hidden when a card is used in TF2.

Over The Air Update

You’ve read it right! Exploiting the WiFi capabilities of your device, this mod includes an over the air update system.

Make sure you are connected to WiFi, then head into the APPS folder and select Check for Updates. This will download and install any outstanding available updates from our top of the line webservers in Brazil. This may take a few minutes, during which your screen will simply look blank with no feedback, but be patient.

There is unfortunately no way of informing you of what updates, if any, were performed. You may occasionally notice a new file in your APPS with extra information. Major updates and new features will be announced here. Most updates will probably be small fixes and may not even deserve a mention.

Please not that this feature is not expected to be used to update whole underlying stock firmware — although I will definitely try. This feature is primarily meant to reduce downloading and flashing new firmware by provinding fixes and new features, but will likely not replace it entirely.

RetroArch Configuration Files on SD Card 2

Your RetroArch configuration file is now saved on your ROMs SD card. This means that it follows you when you flash a new version of the firmware, or if you bring your card on a different device with the same firmware.

A copy of the original configuration file is automatically copied to your games partition if missing when turning on your device. It is located under config at the root of your games partition, whether on the system card of the TF2 card. You can still reset it the usual way by using the menu item in the launcher.

Minor Features and Fixes

This release includes a number of minor configuration fixes. Mostly to Nintendo 64 configs, for improved performance and controller compatibility on the Plus. A number of other minor alterations were also made to RetroArch default configuration file and other area of the system, for performance or aesthetical purposes, many of which will probably not even be noticeable by common mortals.

Known Issues

When the clock updater kicks in, shortly after WiFi comes up, this confuses the software into thinking you have been inactive for a very long time. This instantly triggers sleep mode. This is a minor annoyance, as you only need to short press the power button to turn it on again, however it can definitely confuse the unexpecting user. One obvious workaround is to turn off sleep mode from the settings (set Lock screen to Never).

The launcher sometimes crashes or reboots randomly after some period of inactivity. This behaviour happens on the unmodified stock system. I am not sure if it is intentional or not.

You can download the Image from HERE or from our Firmwares Section

New Wallpapers for Stock Firmware

     We have recently discovered how to be able to change theme files directly from the console itself, and we have created some simple scripts to be able to use without having to install programs that allow access to the Linux partitions of the operating system card, since the vast majority of people use Windows on their computers.
It is only necessary to download the wallpaper you want, unzip the files and copy them to the partition where the ROMS are, which is accessible and copy the files there within the APPS folder.
Afterwards from the console we only have to select the wallpaper and the number 5 will be added to the stock menu to be able to select it. This will install the wallpapers for the console and for the HDMI output. And if later you want to install another one that you like more, if you have selected number 5, the new one will change automatically.
Other customizations will be added very soon using this method, but while we are creating them, you can now download more than 75 wallpapers to choose from from our new Wallpapers for Stock section.
Enjoy them! Here we show you some of the available ones…

Linux Desktop for RG35XX Plus & H

     A few days ago a news article appeared that talked about a Linux distribution running on the console, capable of performing many tasks, including playing video, browsing the Internet, watching YouTube videos, etc… And although at first I thought, that there was no need for it, and that it was more of a curiosity, speaking with a friend, he told me: “Hey, that’s good, and if you connect a keyboard and a mouse then you have a pocket laptop with Linux to take with you around Not there? And with HDMI output!” And of course, from that moment on I totally changed my way of seeing it and I agreed with him, although logically for very light tasks, but yes, it can be a pocket computer. (Although the mouse, keyboard and necessary cables already take up more than the machine itself…) The person in charge of development is called MrJackSpade and you can see his project on GitHub here

A working demo on YouTube:


Theme Customization App

     Yesterday, our collaborator Gabi_90 showed us a Github page where there were some files with new topics for the Stock Firmware of our RG35XX Plus and H, but it was not until today, when I had some time to investigate it, that I discovered that it was not There are only several themes to be able to change the Firmware, but also a Tool is included to be able to modify themes to your liking and be able to use them on our consoles.

The developer cbepx-me, or at least that is how his nickname appears on Github, has created this Script, which what it does is replace the theme files with others that you add and thus be able to use them in the console. It also offers stock images and files so that everyone can create their own theme by modifying them. For many users, it is very difficult to access the Linux partition where these files are hosted on the SD, so this way you can edit them on your Windows or Mac and then run the script from the console to easily install it.

While more powerful Custom Firmwares appear for our consoles, it is a good option to customize them a little more to our liking…

I leave you a direct link to Github from >>HERE<<

Soon we will make a section to be able to put Themes to download and use with this Script.

Latest Updates

     We have learned that the latest version of Koriki/Batocera for the RG35XX Plus and H, although still in the Alpha phase, has been recently updated and is already quite stable and functional. Developer Acmeplus is doing a GREAT job with this version, and we hope to see it move to Beta soon. You can take a look at its github, you have the link in our Firmwares section.

Here on the page, we have been updating some things, little by little we are adding more content, in the free time we have. For example, a good number of Boot Logos are now available for Stock Firmware that you can download from the Boot Logos section.

We have also updated the Bios and Roms page, which was pointing to wrong links, inherited from our original RG35XX page… Now all the links to the Bios and Roms work correctly 😉

We will continue adding content little by little…

Ah! We already received our RG35XX H, but we haven’t had time to test too many things, this weekend we will test it well…

New RG35XX+ H?

A couple of days ago we learned the news that Anbernic is going to launch a new RG35XX, this time in Horizontal format and with the same specifications as the recently launched updated version RG35XX+ to which they have added an H in the name making clearly referring to the horizontal version.
Just looking at the images reminds us of a previous Anbernic model like the 351P with two analog sticks, and seeing the potential that this console can have in the future it can be ideal for playing DreamCast, N64, PSP, and whatever comes with it. future CFW… Although obviously the form factor has changed, I see many possibilities for the system and there will be those who prefer the Horizontal version to the vertical version…
As it is presumably the same hardware as the new RG35XX+, all systems, cfw and customizations will be compatible with version H, so we will make room for it on our page

And here the fisrt video publised by Anbernic:

We are already saving to buy it…

GarlicOS 2.0 for RG35XX+

On November 14, Black Seraph, the developer of the famous GarlicOs Custom Firmware, learned of the existence of its version 2.0 for several Anbernic consoles, and although in the photo we saw an RG35XX, this version was not available for it.

Yesterday, just a few hours before the launch of the new RG35XX+ Black Seraph through its X account (formerly Twitter), we learned that we would have GarlicOs 2.0 for the new console from day one! (and it is now that we suspect that the RG35XX seen in the photo could be a Plus…
You have more information from his Patreon account and how to download the new Bootloader, although we will publish it as always here…


If you need a new Retro Game Handheld Device, you can buy here!
Directly from >>ANBERNIC<<