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     Yesterday, our collaborator Gabi_90 showed us a Github page where there were some files with new topics for the Stock Firmware of our RG35XX Plus and H, but it was not until today, when I had some time to investigate it, that I discovered that it was not There are only several themes to be able to change the Firmware, but also a Tool is included to be able to modify themes to your liking and be able to use them on our consoles.

The developer cbepx-me, or at least that is how his nickname appears on Github, has created this Script, which what it does is replace the theme files with others that you add and thus be able to use them in the console. It also offers stock images and files so that everyone can create their own theme by modifying them. For many users, it is very difficult to access the Linux partition where these files are hosted on the SD, so this way you can edit them on your Windows or Mac and then run the script from the console to easily install it.

While more powerful Custom Firmwares appear for our consoles, it is a good option to customize them a little more to our liking…

I leave you a direct link to Github from >>HERE<<

Soon we will make a section to be able to put Themes to download and use with this Script.


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