New RG35XX Plus Update

     A new update for the RG35XX Plus has been released from Anbernic, which you can download from our Firmware section, dated 01-18-2024 (20240118), and which apparently includes the improvements, changes and fixes of the latest version of the firmware of the RG35XX H.

Here is a list of the changes:

New Features:

1. Added support for sub folders of GBA/GBC/GB/GG/SMS/MD/PCE/FC/SFC/NGP/WSC emulators

2. Add Atari7800 (A7800), Atari5200 (A5200), Atari800 (A800), Atari Lynx (LYNX) emulators

3. When adding search games, RA games can switch core functions with the Y button


1. Modify the text for the LED light setting function during sleep mode

2. When modifying the external handle, RA menu control settings are set

3. Modify the game loading progress image

4. Modify the NDS emulator save to the “save_nds” folder in the root directory of the TF where the game is located

Bug Fixes:

1. Fix RA crash issue when setting up independent thread video function for RA

2. Fix the issue of browsing game files in the PSX independent emulator’s disk swapping function

3. Fix other known issues


  1. I didn’t understand what you wanted to tell me, if I could access it perfectly, but now I just realized what’s happening. It was redirecting you to the previous page, although clicking on the ANBERNIC image took you to the firmware page… I’m solving it now! Excuse me

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